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[20210131 - ] "Yumesaki Mia 1st voice" Full set (With Bonus)

SKU: propro-mia-202109-s01


《Item Description》
Price: JPY 6,500

《Set Contents》

♦Munch munch Plan
 ◇Greeting set
 ・Good night, rest up
 ・Thank you〜!
 ・Munch munch
 ・Good work today
 ・Bye bye〜
 ◇Munch munch Plan thank you message

♦Wake up call / Time signal Plan
 ◇Wake up call voice
 (Those who want to wake up)
 ・Morning〜 hey, it’s time to get up〜
 ・Hello, are you awake〜? Good morning! Let’s work hard today!
 (Those who definitely want to wake up)
 ・Morning… Wait aaahhhh! Hey! The time!! We’ve overslept! Wake up〜!
 ・Hey! The time! I’ll put a curse on you to get pimples if you don’t get up!
 (Those who don’t really want to get up)
 ・Fwaaah mornin. We can still sleep… good night..
 ・Hey wake up〜 I’m hungry! Let’s eat breakfast together.
 ◇Time signal
 ◇Wake up call/time signal Plan thank you message

♦Good work / Phone sound Plan
 ◇Good work voice
 ・To Yume fans who are studying hard
 ・To Yume fans who are working hard
 ・To Yume fans who are working hard on something
 ◇Phone sounds
 ・Phone ringtone
 ・ LINE ringtone
 ・ LINE notification 1
 ・ LINE notification 2
 ・Mail received
 ・Mail sent
 ・Charging start
 ◇Good work/Phone sound Plan thank you message

♦Situation Plan
 ◇Welcome home
 ◇See you later
 ◇Emotionally unstable
 ◇Situation Plan thank you message

♦Addicted to Mia Plan
 ◇Addictive voice
 ・ AraAra
 ・ I love you
 ・Do you want to eat? take a bath? or do you want Mia?
 ・Let’s have a drink!
 ・3 minutes continuous munching
 ・Just look at Mia-!
 ・Mm〜 mwah
 ・Wo ai ni
 ・Love you!
 ◇A bit of ASMR
 ・Breath〜 does it tickle? (Left and right)
 ・Sleep breathing〜 planning to sleep together but Mia fell asleep first
 ◇Addicted to Mia Plan thank you message

・Unpublished voice

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