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[20230620 - ] "Chabashira Yunomi" 1st Single [すぃーとすとりーむ/あなたへ…]

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Price: JPY 300
Order Period: From June 20, 2023 (JST)

・Chabashira Yunomi 1st Single [すぃーとすとりーむ/あなたへ…]

"あなたへ…", the first song which Chabashira Yunomi wrote the lyrics by herself.
"すぃーとすとりーむ", the first and last duet song collaborate with Nekono Anzu! 
These two long-awaited songs are now available for our passionate listeners! Please listen to them!

【File format】mp3

【File format】mp3

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Chabashira Yunomi & Nekono Anzu - Sweat Stream

Chabashira Yunomi - Anatahe...

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