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[20210727 - ] Luifon a few words voice collection

SKU: beatus-luifon-202107-01


《Item Description》
Price: JPY 1,400

【Luifon a few words voice : Morning set 4 versions】
01 [Good morning]
02 [Let's do our best today too!]
03 [Have a nice day]
04 [Take care]

【Luifon a few words voice : Morning set 5 versions】
05 [Welcome home]
06 [Have a good sleep]
07 [Were you waiting for me? Sorry. ]
08 [Let's eat]
09 [Thank you for the meal]

【Luifon a few words voice : Love-love set 5 versions】
10 [I'll forgive you]
11 [I won't forgive you~]
12 [You're special, you know?]
13 [I always watching you]
14 [Stay together ever after]

([Luifon a few words : voice complete set] contains above 14 versions.)

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