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[20211122 - ] "Mirutani Nia First Personal Voice" Full Set (Without Bonus)

SKU: nro-nia-202111-s02

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《Item Description》
Price: JPY 10,000 (Shipping fee not included)

《Set Contents》
♦ Situation Voice
 ・Situation: Take a walk with Nia (00:33)
 ・Situation: Co-sleep with Nia (00:41)
 ・Situation: Go to cat cafe with Nia (00:35)
 ・Situation: Eat with Nia (00:40)

♦ Greeting Voice
 ・May you have your happiness today
 ・Awawa, you're so good, it's full!
 ・I'm Noripro 2nd Generation member Mirutani Nia

♦ Special Voice
 ・なのです(Nano desu)
 ・わ~かわいい~(Wo~Thats cute~)
 ・どうですか?(How about this?)
 ・ナース見習いなのですよ(I'm a student nurse)

♦ Time Signal Voice
 ・0~23 (24 types)

♦ Alarm Voice
 ・3 types

♦ Short Voice
 ・You must concentrate on Nia!
 ・Let me heal you
 ・Why are you looking away?

♦ PC Notification / Boot Up Sound Set
 ・Boot up sound
 ・Error sound
 ・Alert sound
 ・Low battery
 ・Shut down
 ・Recycle bin

♦ Smartphone Notification Sound Set
 ・Line message
 ・Line notification
 ・Twitter notification
 ・Mail received
 ・Mail sent
 ・Phone call

♦ ASMR Situation Voice
 ・The promise between Nia and you.(08:58)
 ・Let Nia nurse you back to health♪(11:16)

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