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[20210806 - 20210930] [RESALE] "HOLOSTARS Enjoying Summer 2020" Situation Voice Full set

SKU: cover-holostars-summer-202108-s01


《Item Description》
♦[Resale]Situation Voice Full set
· Situation voices from all 9 Vtubers.
· VTubers from HOLOSTARS want to enjoy the summer with "YOU".
Price: JPY 4,500

*Situation voice included([Special voice drama] NOT included):
Hanasaki Miyabi Situation voice
Kanade Izuru Situation voice
Arurandeisu Situation voice
Rikka Situation voice
Astel Leda Situation voice
Kishido Temma Situation voice
Yukoku Roberu Situation voice
Kageyama Shien Situation voice
Aragami Oga Situation voice

Voice Format:WAV

* This set doesn't include 'Special voice drama' .
*This product will be on sale during August 6 2021 to September 30 2021.
*This product is a resale of [HOLOSTARS Enjoying Summer Voice 2020] which has been saled in August 2020.

*After the order is successfully placed, you can download the sound on the order success page and the order history page in your mypage.
*It is not recommended to use a QQ mail address for user registration and shopping.

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