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[20210131 - ] "Yumesaki Mia 1st voice" Addicted to Mia Plan

SKU: propro-mia-202109-05

《Item Description》
Price: JPY 1,500

♦Addicted to Mia Plan
 ◇Addictive voice
 ・ AraAra
 ・ I love you
 ・Do you want to eat? take a bath? or do you want Mia?
 ・Let’s have a drink!
 ・3 minutes continuous munching
 ・Just look at Mia-!
 ・Wo ai ni
 ・Love you!
 ◇A bit of ASMR
 ・Breath〜 does it tickle? (Left and right)
 ・Sleep breathing〜 planning to sleep together but Mia fell asleep first
 ◇Addicted to Mia Plan thank you message

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