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[20210715 - ] "Sakuya Azusa 1st voice"Full set (With Bonus)

SKU: propro-azusa-202109-s01

《Item Description》
Price: JPY 6,500

《Set Content》
♦Nin nin! plan
 Let`s try our best today!!
 Good work today!
 Welcome back!
 I love you♡
 Smile smile!
 Want some Onigiri??
・Nin nin! plan thank you message
♦Master don`t oversleep! plan
・Alarm voice
 Good morning master♪
 Ah!Wake up wake up, you`ll oversleep!!
 Huh…Haah~still sleepy, Azu keep sleeping......
 Get up get up, take care of Azu~!!
 M~A~S~T~E~R!It`s morning!!!Cock-a-doodle-doo!!
・Phone sound
 Start charging
 Mail received
 Phone call
 LINE call
 Message received
・Master don`t oversleep! plan thank you message
♦Full power cheering master plan
 Keep it up. Keep it up! I'll be with master till the end
 You can do it.Here is some reward for you!
 You did a great job today!!When you come home, Azu will give master a tight hug♡
 Well done for studying so hard!I love the look when master is studying!
 If you give up, that’s the end of the game.!!
 Master can do it!!Go for it!!!
 Good work today! Hug from Azu~!
・Full power cheering master plan thank you message
♦Transformation jutsu plan
・Sweet big sister
 I love you♡
 ala ala, that`s cute...Come here, there there...
 Welcome back, any news today? Want to tell me?
・Wheedling little sister
 ehehe love you big brother♡
 No! I want to sleep with big brother!!
 When Azu grow up, Azu will marry to big brother!!
 I...I don`t like you at all
 Don`t leave..stay with me
 Shut up! Baka!!
 Hey, I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you ,you love me to?
 Don`t go anywhere stay with me…?
 Where did you go? You cheating on me right?
・Young lad
 I`ll be with you in my whole life
 I love you
 I`ll protect you
・Transformation jutsu plan thank you message
♦Keep azu to yourself plan
 A bewitched fox want to tell her thought to master
 Onigiri date
 Languid girlfriend
 Yandere girlfriend
・Keep azu to yourself plan thank you message
・Spoiled child Azu& whisper voice

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