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[20210317 - ] "Aki Rosenthal Birthday 2021" Commemorative voice full pack

SKU: cover-aki-202103-s03


《Pack contents》
・"Aki Rosenthal Birthday 2021"Situation voice [If the older sister who lives in the neighborhood is Aki Rosenthal]
・"Aki Rosenthal Birthday 2021" ASMR Voice [I'm in trouble because she gets drunk and seduces me with all her might]

The following BONUS are included when you purchase this pack.
★ASMR Voice "Suki Suki Endurance JP & EN"
* This set does not come with a handwritten autographed postcard.

※After the purchase is successful, you can download the voice on the success page or the purchase history page of your mypage.
※It is not recommended to use QQ mail address during user registration and shopping.

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