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[20230527 - 20230703] [Made to order/Duplicate Bonus] "Aki Rosenthal Birthday Celebration 2023" Merch Complete Set

SKU: cover-aki-202305-s02

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※The price of the physical items in this set is JPY 12,100.

《Item Description》
Price: JPY 15,070 (Shipping fee not included)
Order Period: May 27 to 18:00, July 3, 2023 (JST)
Scheduled to be Shipped: Estimated to be around early December 2023 to early January 2024.

《Set Contents》
◆4 Celebration Merch Items
・"Start your Journey" Pop-Up Acrylic Stand
 Illustration: じゅん
 Size: Acrylic Stand/ Approx. H122×W105×D65mm
    Frame (parts set)/ Approx. H155×W155mm
 Material: Acrylic

・"Start your Journey" Book-Shaped Pouch
 Size: Approx. H200×W140×D50mm
 Material: Polyurethane, Polyester, Zinc alloy

・"Start your Journey" Apple-Shaped Plate
 Size: Approx. H166×W154mm
 Material: Porcelain

・"Start your Journey" Cutlery Set
 Size: Teaspoon/ Approx. H125×W25mm
    Cake fork/ Approx. H126×W24mm
 Material: Stainless steel

◆2 Celebration Voice
・Situation Voice "What if I Go on a Hot Spring Date With AkiRose"
・ASMR Voice "What Happened in the Dream"

・Polaroid-style bromide card with a duplicated foil-stamped autograph from Aki Rosenthal. (Illustration: じゅん)
・Bonus Voice: "Short Chat: Thank You All for the Birthday Celebration 2023!"

◇AkiRose Festival?
Hosted from May 20th to June 1st, the AkiRose Festival is a two-week special event filled with live streams and concerts prepared by Aki Rosenthal for her beloved fans, Rose Knights.
Don't forget to share your thoughts under the hashtag "#アキロゼ祭"!

Click "here" for the "Birthday Celebration 2023 Live Concert" archived stream.
Click "here" for the "5th Anniversary Live Concert" archived stream.

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Scheduled to be Shipped: Estimated to be around early December 2023 to early January 2024.

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