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[20200515 - ] "Blue Sky Symphony" by Tokino Sora

SKU: cover-sora-202005-01

[Blue Sky Symphony] song file and instrumental version.

※ You can download song files immediately after purchase.

※For downloading the voice file. Please click MyPage on the top-right of page.
※The special gifts need 3 months to produce after the pre-order deadline. Please wait patiently.
※For delivery of goods , we will contact you by email.
※Because of the coronavirus crisis,EMS Japan has suspended parcel delivery to USA ,Australia Canada and etc.
We will keep your products until the suspension was over. Thank you for your understanding.
※It is not recommended that fill in the QQ mail address during user registration and shopping.
※The price includes shipping fee of 2000 JPY.
※It is prohibited to make this VOICE file available for download through the network etc without permission of the right holder.

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