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[20240229 - ] "Hakos Baelz" 1st Album [ZODIAC]

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The sale of hololive English's Hakos Baelz's 1st album "ZODIAC".

The album is being released on her birthday and a leap day, and it contains 13 zodiac-themed songs.
This deluxe album also features collaboration songs with Usada Pekora, Tsunomaki Watame, and Inugami Korone!
A Japanese hand fan with Hakos Baelz illustration printed on it is included in the package.

Some of the songs included in this album will be released on digital streaming platforms before the arrival of your product.

《Item Description》
Price: JPY 6,050 (Shipping fee not included)
Order Period: From February 29, 2024 (JST)
Scheduled to be Shipped: The shipping will begin in early May 2024.

・Hakos Baelz 1st Album "ZODIAC"
 Illustration: miya*ki
 Product number: HOLOEC-028
 Number of discs: 1
 Number of songs: 13

・ZODIAC Special Release Japanese Fan
 Illustration: miya*ki
 Size: Fan/ Approx. 210mm
    Case/ Approx. 220mm
 Material: Fan/ Bamboo, Paper, Metal
    Case/ Polyester

01. R×R×R
Lyrics: ZAQ, Karen Yamaguchi, Hakos Baelz
Composition: ZAQ
Arrangement: ZAQ, eba

02. La Roja
Lyrics, Composition: Kris Roche
Arrangement: Kris Roche, Cackie Jhen

03. The Fight Song
Lyrics: Karen Yamaguchi
Composition: Yu-ki Kokubo, Eunsol(1008)
Arrangement: Eunsol(1008)

04. HIDE & SEEK ~Nakayoku Kenkashina~ (with Usada Pekora)
Lyrics: Ogura Asuka
Composition: Yuji Usami
, Mamoru Izuki
Arrangement: Yuji Usami

Lyrics: Camellia, Kris Roche
Composition, Arrangement: Camellia

06. 818
Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Kris Roche

07. RIDE
Lyrics: Karen Yamaguchi
Composition: Zekk
Arrangement: Zekk, TSK

08. COLOUR (with Tsunomaki Watame)
Lyrics: Fujimura Konomi
Composition, Arrangement: Endo Shingo

09. konoyo wo terasu mono
Lyrics: Himi Izutsu
Composition, Arrangement: Kentaro Ishii

10. Ohayo-EST Gozai-MASTER ♡
Lyrics: Camellia, Kris Roche
Composition, Arrangement: Camellia

11. BITE! KAMU! BITE! (with Inugami Korone)
Lyrics: Konomi Fujimura, Kris Roche
Composition, Arrangement: Yuji Usami

Lyrics: Luschka, Kris Roche
Composition, Arrangement: TSK

13. EIEN
Lyrics: Luna Haruse
Composition, Arrangement: Yuuki Furuhashi

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Scheduled to be Shipped: The shipping will begin in early May 2024.

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