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[20220928 - ] "hololive Indonesia 3rd Generation Half-Year Celebration" Half-Year Celebration Voice Set

SKU: cover-holoid-202209-s01

《Item Description》
Price: JPY 1,980
Order Period: From September 28, 2022 (JST)

・Half-Year Celebration Voice Set
◇Vestia Zeta's Situation Voice - "Tutorial to become a spy." (Indonesian)
◇Vestia Zeta's Situation Voice - "A quiet but eventful day at a library." (English)
◇Vestia Zeta's Situation Voice - "Would you like a drink?"(Japanese)
◇Kaela Kovalskia's Situation Voice - "When your neighbor Popular Blacksmith." (Indonesian)
◇Kaela Kovalskia's Situation Voice - "Comedic Horror night in the Radio Station." (English)
◇Kaela Kovalskia's Situation Voice - "After a long tiring day in the convenience store..."(Japanese)
◇Kobo Kanaeru's Situation Voice - "CAN YOU SHUT UP, PLEASE?!" (Indonesian)
◇Kobo Kanaeru's Situation Voice - "Why does nobody trust me?!" (English)
◇Kobo Kanaeru's Situation Voice - "Tch, I won't lose next time."(Japanese)

Script data of the voice recordings. (Japanese, English, Indonesian)

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