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[20220527 - 20220801] "HOLOSTARS Concept Voice Drama Escape from a Desert Island" Complete Set

SKU: cover-holostars-escape-202205-s01

《Item Description》
Price: JPY 4,500
Order Period: From May 27, 2022 ~ 18:00 August 1(JST)

《Set Content》
3 Voice Drama

・Kanade Izuru / Astel Leda
・Hanasaki Miyabi / Araurandeisu
・Rikka / Kageyama Shien

File format: wav

HOLOSTARS members have gathered to participate in the project “Escape From a Desert Island!”
Members are given the chance of getting 1 million yen if they manage to escape!
Will these duos be able to make their great escape out of the wilderness? Let’s find out!

Key visual by 花ヶ田

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