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[20221205 - ] "Hoshimachi Suisei 2nd Album" [Specter]

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・"Hoshimachi Suisei 2nd Album" [Specter]
 Product number: HLP-10001
 Number of discs: 1
 Number of songs: 11

 This album contains 11 songs, including "TEMPLATE", which was released in April 2022, and brand-new songs made exclusively for the album by remarkable artists.

[Track List]

 01 syakunetsu nite junjou(wii-wii-woo)
 Lyrics, Composition:Tabuchi Tomoya
 Arrangement:Shota Horie

 Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement:Tatsuya Kitani

 03 Michizure
 Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement:Ayase

 04 Aseta Hanamidori
 Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement:Ryo'LEFTY'Miyata

 Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement:Kenkaiyoshi

 06 My Happy Transmission
 Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement:MI8k

 07 debutante ball
 Lyrics:Hoshimachi Suisei
 Composition, Arrangement:nio

 08 7days
 Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement:Yosuke Kori

 09 Damn Good Day
 Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement:Police Piccadilly

 10 soirée
 Lyrics:Nanahoshi Orchestra
 Composition:Iwami Takashi
 Arrangement:Nanahoshi Orchestra

 11 Newton
 Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement:JIN

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