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[20220628 - ] "Inari Iroha First Personal Voice" Voice Full Set (Without Bonus)

SKU: nro-iroha-202206-s02

《Item Description》
Price: JPY 10,000
Order Period: From June 28, 2022 (JST)

①Situation Voice

 Cafe date (00:52)
 Sleep together (00:47)
 Cozy day-off (00:46)
 Take a meal together (00:46)

②Greeting Voice

 Iroha! I'm Iroha and I like games!
 I'm Inari Iroha from Noripro Gamers!
 Haa~Welcome, little fox-chan!

③Special Voice

 Wow, really!
 A, eh, Nothing!
 Huhuhu, Thanks!
 This is Iroha's channel!
 The end

④Time signal Voice

 0~23 o'clock (24 types)

⑤Alarm Voice

 3 types

⑥Short Voice

 Please keep watching me!
 You belong to Iroha
 I didn't trip over my words!

⑦PC Starting/ Booting Voice Set

 Boot up
 Low battery
 Shut down
 Recycle bin

⑧Smart Phone Notification Voice Set

 LINE message
 LINE motification
 Twitter motification
 Mail received
 Mail Sent
 Incoming Call

⑨ASMR Situation Voice

 How about have a cozy time at home! (09:39)
 Could I whispering around you ear? (09:46)

*It's not refundable while your deposit have been confirmed.
Please check "Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act" for more details.
*After the order is successfully placed, you can download the sound on the order success page and the order history page in your mypage.
*It is not recommended to use a QQ mail address for user registration and shopping.

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