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[20200426- ] [Including Speicial vocies]Serena's vocie FULL SET

SKU: serena-s01

This set contains all Masters favorite voice.

The first release
Please beside Serena at any time.
The Special vocie has been included in the set.

・[Request voice]Live together! ? Alarm Set(5 voices)
・[Request voice]The contents are secret♡Set(3 voices)
・[Request voice]Lolina is agitating…?Set(3 voices)
・[Request voice]The Set for the master who works hard(5 voices)
・[Request voice]Confession of love from Serena ...?(1 voice)
・[Request voice]Serena's Abuse Set(3 voices)
・[Request voice]Non Non(1 voice)
・Special vocie(1 voice)

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