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[20230923 - ] IspVitamin Armored Union Avatar Set No.1 - Post-apocalyptic mercenary, ed. [Avatar for VRChat]

SKU: ispvitamin-202309-01


《Item Description》
■Product Name: Armored Union Avatar Set No.1 - Post-apocalyptic mercenary, ed.
■Product Price: 6000 yen
■Order Period: From September 23, 2023 (JST)

■Product Specifications
 ・Three avatars for VRChat
 ・Full tracking support
 ・Meta Quest support
 ・UnityPackage format
■Product Description
This is a bundle of three pieces of combat clothing by the Armored Union, a group active mainly on VRChat, perfect for exploring and fighting in Virtual Wasteland.

【Protective Clothing】
As the name suggests, this protective clothing protects you from contaminants and is ideal for exploration and research activities in dangerous areas!
It is lightweight and can be worn with a variety of weapons!

【Mad Gasser】
Named after the American urban legend of the monster wearing a gas mask, it is a medium combat uniform for infantrymen.
Never lags behind in combat against abominations and bandits because of its strong armor!

【Marine Combat Suit】
This is a new type of combat suit that was originally supposed to be deployed to the Mars base.
The high level of secrecy and defense developed for space applications has also shown its true value in Wasteland!

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