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[20210701 - ] "Koinoya Mai 1st voice" Full Set (With Bonus)

SKU: propro-mai-202109-s01


《Item Description》
Price: JPY 5,500

《Set Cotente》
 I love you♡
 Wo ai ni♡
 Alarm voice①
 Alarm voice②
 Notification voice
 YUYUYUYU phone call
 Keep it on. You can do it.
・YUYUYUYU pack bonus voice
♦Sweet pack
 Please love Mai more and more...?♡
 Kiss me, please♡
 Love you♡love you so much♡emmm, Mai love you more♡
 Mai is hungry. I want some nuggets♡
 So handsome♡Why are you so handsome♡Love you♡
 Where are you going?
 Can I fawn on you?
 I love you♡
・Sweet pack bonus voice
♦Little baby pack
 You`re a little baby, aren't you?Wanna get spoiled?So cute♡
 Let me hug you?Here here♡
 Let mai spoil you? Good boy.♡
 So cute… cute … cute cute cute cute …♡
 Pat hair.Good boy.There now.
 I'll eat your dokidoki. Thank you for the meal.
 Mai only love you
 Don't worry. I'll be with you
 Wanna sleep together?
・Little baby pack bonus voice
♦Dokidoki pack
 I think I'm falling in love with you♡
 Do you love Mai?♡
 ala ala…Don't be shy...?♡
 As for the bad boy... This is the punishiment♡
 Try not to only think about Mai...♡
 Let's take bath together♡
 I wanna do it with you...♡
・Dokidoki pack bonus voice
♦Situationvoice pack
 Everyday life♡
 Tied up♡
・Situationvoice pack bonus voice
・Mai patting Techi on the day off

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