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[20240314 - 20240413] "My loving dog Chachamaru" 【Limited time only】 Ear-licking ASMR [Climax Slimy Tongue Dance👅💕]

SKU: marble-chachamaru-202403-01


《Item Description》
Price: JPY 1,000
Order Period: March 14 to 23:59, April 13, 2024 (JST)

【Limited time only】 Ear-licking ASMR [Climax Slimy Tongue Dance👅💕]
Wearing a dancer cosplay for my favorite horny master!♡
Put more gel and get slimy~♡
Enjoy this tongue-dancing attack♡

Coming with a illustration card "Dancer"🎁

*Download data.

【File format】
Voice file: wav


Script by: お坐様

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