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[20240119 - ] "OcutanBot" Digital 2nd mini album "Virtual Hearts"

SKU: ocutanbot-202401-02

《Item Description》
■Product Price: 800 yen
■Order Period: From January 19, 2024 (JST)

■Product Description
The 2nd mini-album by VR guide/Vsinger OcutanBot!
*The BOOTH bonus files are not included in this package.

I deliver 3 hearts to everyone living in virtual and real life to cheer you up!

・"Virtual Brave" for you to have virtual courage
・Kneel before the virtual queen "沈められたいのかな? 絶海おきゅおきゅMix"
・Happy Hardcore and Perori "Kawaii Adventure!"

Various songs with all my heart. 6 songs in total, including 3 instrumental versions that can be used for "Me Singing"!

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