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[20240119 - ] "OcutanBot" Digital 3rd mini album "Jump in the VeRse"

SKU: ocutanbot-202401-03


《Item Description》
■Product Price: 800 yen
■Order Period: From January 19, 2024 (JST)

■Product Specifications
The 3rd mini-album by VR Guide/Vsinger OcutanBot!
*The BOOTH bonus files are not included in this package.

・Hopping at the live performance! "ぴょんぴょん☆するの", a song that makes my heart leap when I find what I was looking for tucked away in the back.
・"うたバース ~入り江で待ってる~", a theme song for the Kurage Beats music festival Song
・The conflict hidden in my heart. "iN_THE_W0r1Ds #インザワールズ", a song that wishes for someone unknown to me to know about it.

In addition, there are 9 songs in total, including 6 instrumental versions that can be used for "Me Singing", a music box arrangement of Utaverse, and an instrumental version with chorus by iN_THE_W0r1Ds! All of them are wonderful, so please try them.

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