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[20190712 - ] "PC system sound set" by Minato Aqua

SKU: cover-aqua-04

Your computer is eroded by me with this!!!!!! Fuhahaha!!!!!!!!

①Clear-recyclebin:【akkan!(No good!)】
②System error:【neeeeee!!!】
③Shut down:【otukaresama!shikkariyasunndene!(Thank you very much! !Take a good rest!)】
④Device Disconnection:【yuukinosetudan!(take the courage to disconnect)】
⑤Device connection:【setuzokukannryoushimashita~!(Connection complete!)】
⑥E-mail notification:【otegamitodokimashita?(I received your mail!!)】
⑨broadcast alert sound:【nene、haishinnhajimaruyo!mitekurerukana...?(Hey, delivery will begin! Would you like to see ...?)】

※For downloading the voice file. Please click MyPage on the top-right of page.
※It is prohibited to make this VOICE file available for download through the network etc without permission of the right holder.

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