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[20240301 - ] "/PRINCIPALITY by KeyLew" 3D Costume for Shinra "Long Shirt & Flare Pants Coordination Set with Sandals" [For VRChat]

SKU: keylew-202403-16


《Item Description》
JPY 1,500
Order Period: From March 1, 2024 (JST)

This is a long shirt and flare pants coordination set designed for use in VRChat compatible with Shinra avatars. PSD/Clip files for customization are included, so you can change the colors to your liking.
We would appreciate post with the tag #PRIPALI or #PRINCIPALITY_VR with the NEW LOOK.
Please report any issues to the author's X account via DM.

【Supported Model】
- Shinra VRChat Avatar by Mio-sama

【Polygon Count】
- Shinra Version Total △12367
→ Long Shirt: △4707
→ Belt: △526
→ Flare Pants: △2202
→ Sandals: △4932

- liltoon (Shinra Version)

【FBX Contents】
- Long Shirt
- Belt
- Flare Pants
- Sandals

【Included Data】
- Unitypackage
→ 3D Model Prefab
→ 3D Model FBX
→ Materials (with color variations)
→ Textures (including normal maps and alpha masks)

- FBX (Model Data)
- PSD (Photoshop Data)
- Tex1 (Image Data)
- Tex2 (Normal Maps and Alpha Masks)
- Recommended Blend Shape Key Images

※ For details on other avatar versions, please refer to the sales page.

This model is designed with the assumption that adjustments to the base mesh will be made using shape keys or MeshDeleter. Please be aware of this.

- Shinra Version:
Supports adjustment of breast size with bras attached. However, breast movement is not recommended for the outfit's aesthetic.

■ Terms of Use
The copyright of this model belongs to [/PRINCIPALITY], and by purchasing this model, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of use. The contents of the terms of use may change without notice, and the latest version will always apply.

Buyers are allowed to use all or part of this model. Modification and commercial use of this model are allowed for individuals and corporations. Adjusting and modifying data between legitimate purchasers does not prevent these actions. However, compliance with Japanese law and related international treaties, as well as the terms of the original models, takes precedence over this agreement, and we expect compliance with them.

【Prohibited Actions】
- Redistribution and resale are prohibited regardless of whether modifications have been made.
- Political or religious use, except for cultural customs, is prohibited.
- Use intended for defamation or slander of specific individuals or groups is prohibited.
- Use that violates Japanese law, related international treaties, or the terms of the original models "Shinra" or other avatars is prohibited.

- The creator and [/PRINCIPALITY] are not responsible for disputes or damages arising from the use of this model.
- While we will endeavor to restore the model if it becomes unusable due to changes in VRChat or the original avatars, we do not provide a complete guarantee for future versions.
- This model is intended for use in VRChat, and we cannot guarantee its operation in other applications or platforms.
- This model is intended for use with the supported avatar, and we cannot guarantee its operation with other avatars or for other purposes.
- We may not be able to respond to inquiries in languages other than Japanese.
- Due to the nature of downloadable products, returns or refunds are not accepted.

Terms of Use
이용 약관

*Once your deposit has been confirmed, you will not be able to request a refund.
Please check "Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act" for more details.
*After the order is successfully placed, you can download the sound or data on the order success page and the order history page in your mypage.
*It is not recommended to use QQ mail address during user registration and shopping.

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