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[20210715 - ] "Sakuya Azusa 1st voice" Transformation jutsu plan

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Price: JPY 2,000

♦Transformation jutsu plan
・Sweet big sister
 I love you♡
 ala ala, that`s cute...Come here, there there...
 Welcome back, any news today?want to tell me?
・Wheedling little sister
 ehehe love you big brother♡
 No!I want to sleep with big brother!!
 When Azu grow up, Azu will marry to big brother!!
 I...I don`t like you at all
 Don`t leave..stay with me
 Shut up!Baka!!
 Hey, I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you ,you love me to?
 Don`t go anywhere stay with me…?
 Where did you go? You cheating on me right?
・Young lad
 I`ll be with you in my whole life
 I love you
 I`ll protect you
・Transformation jutsu plan thank you message

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