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[20220222 - 20220321] "Sword Art Online -EX-CHRONICLE- Online Edition" Sound Effect Data Pack

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♦ "Sound Effect Data Pack" includes a variety set of sound effects used in "Sword Art Online -EX-CHRONICLE- Online Edition"! They are now at your disposal!

《Item Description》

Price: JPY 1,000
Order Available:
 Feb. 22nd, 2022 13:00 – Mar. 21st, 2022 23:59 (JST)
 Feb. 21st, 2022 20:00 – Mar. 21st, 2022 7:59 (PST)

・Sound Effect Data Pack
 Data format: WAV

↓↓ You can listen to some of them from the link below. ↓↓

・33 wav files

  Sound when you arrive at four-sided screen theater. (0:03)

  Sound when transferred from the room after four-sided screen theater is finished. (0:03)


  The sound of the wind breaking as it enters the clouds (0:03)

  Elevator call button sound (0:03)

  Elevator operation sound when the elevator is called (0:03)

  The sound of an elevator handle being turned (0:03)

  Voice guidance playback and attention sound (0:03)

  Normal gun firing sound (0:03)

  Special gun firing sound (0:03)

  Normal gunshot sound (0:03)

  Special gunshot sound (0:03)

  Sound in the video tunnel (0:03)

  Cancel sound (*Button to return to the previous screen) (0:03)

  Decision sound (*Forward button) (0:03)

  Selection sounds (*Avatar selection etc.) (0:03)

  The sound of holding other objects (0:03)

  Pulley sound (0:03)

  The sound of climbing (0:03)

  The creak of weight on a climbing rope (0:03)

  The sound of climbing a ladder (0:03)

  Summoner sound (0:03)

  The sound of a normal sword swing (0:03)

  The sound of a special sword swing (0:03)

  Treasure chest opening and closing sounds (0:03)

  Torch flame sound in the waiting room of four-sided screen theater (0:03)

  The sound of pressing a button (0:03)

  Cancellation sound (0:03)

  Window pagination (0:03)

  The sound of a button being pressed in four-sided screen theater standby room. (0:03)

  Forced warp sound (0:03)

  The sound of weapons being held (0:03)

  The iron castle exterior (*Wind sound) (0:03)

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