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[20211229 - ] "Umitsuki Yuru First Voice" Complete Set

SKU: maha5-yuru-202112-s01

《Item Description》
Price: JPY 5,000

  Good Morning
  Good Night
  Hello Yuru
  Good Work Yuru
  What are you doing now right now?
 YURAYURA Plan Special Voice

 Let's play games?
 Time signal
 KANSHI Plan Special Voice

・Alarm Clock Plan
 Alarm Clock Voice
  Alarm Clock 1
  Alarm Clock 2
  Alarm Clock 3
  Alarm Clock 4
 Notification Sound
  Phone Call 1
  Phone Call 2
  LINE Notification
  Mail Notification
  Start Charging
  Charge Complete
 Good Work Voice
 Alarm Clock Plan Special Voice

・Sweet Date Plan
 Situation Voice
  Take a nap
  Put to sleep
  Aquarium date
 Sweet Date Plan Special Voice

Special Reward:
・Whisper Voice

*After the order is successfully placed, you can download the sound on the order success page and the order history page in your mypage.
*It is not recommended to use QQ mail address during user registration and shopping.

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