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[20240201 - 20240229] "V-Oridora" VTuber Compilation Album "The 5th Virtual Talent Original Songs Draft" [CD]

SKU: v-oridora-202402-g01


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Scheduled to be Shipped: Estimated after April 2024.

1-01. T-J feat. Arai Raira - 花びらに想いを乗せて (hanabira ni omoi wo nosete)
1-02. Gakuta feat. MiTaMa - Unconfidence Driver (Unconfidence Driver)
1-03. mofuribito feat. Saya Fujiwara - ドライアド・ハート (Dryad・ Heart)
1-04. Karametech (From Circle W.C.) feat. Arisa Teira - ハルカゼジャイアントステップ (Harukaze Giant Step)
1-05. yum mium feat. Skoll Nord - 狼煙 (Signal)
1-06. Suzuka(SISTER un sister) feat. Kobone Hew - ケッサク召喚獣(仮) (would be Best Summoned Beast)
1-07. Donanoia feat. Ichika Yumesaki - Nextヒロイン (Next Heroine)
1-08. Samgold feat. Aoto Akeshiro - 想彩リコレクト (Omoiro Recollection)
1-09. Ryutaro Matsumoto feat. Shirayuki miyu - Dream☆Star (Dream☆Star)
1-10. Suigetsu Machne feat. Makiyo Meika - スマイル・メイカー (Smile Maker)
1-11. kazamatsu feat. SoraSirakumo - 青空 (Blue sky)
1-12. Wasabeep feat. Marimotty・Mande - 完全勝利!LOVE GAME (Victory! LOVE GAME)
1-13. Canaan feat. Yuuri Kukune - Butterfly (Butterfly)
1-14. Yukinotokeru feat. Hananoi Mio - 朝靄 (asamoya)
1-15. Siomothi feat. SUI Shishumo - ししゅもだもん! (I’m Shishumo.)
1-16. lban feat. Yoshinobu Iwai - ブルーホライズン (Blue Horizon)
1-17. fujisoba feat. TOBALiSAKURA - さくら色Overture (Sakurairo Overture)
1-18. Sakura Hidemaru feat. Amaka Roronu - Pastel Magic (Pastel Magic)

2-01. tonaca feat. Rikuri - 橋の上の足跡 (Steps on the bridge)
2-03. enoha feat. OtomeHonoka - えぶりわんにゃーにゃ (Everyone Nya-nya)
2-04. teddy dare feat. Iroha Suzuri - ハジメマシテ (to meet you)
2-05. UhsiNa feat. Ashli Urusu - Syrup (Syrup)
2-06. PekoOtogiya feat. Koi Kurone - Night Sigh (Night Sigh)
2-07. kuruyanobu feat. Nekobiyori Calico - Gear Heart (Gear Heart)
2-08. kurodel feat. Utayo Pome - 花歌協奏曲 (flower humming concerto)
2-09. marione feat. Sazanami Serena - 極光のアイオライト (Kyokkou no Iolite)
2-10. Sataku feat. Yue Chisaya - 雪月花 (Setsugetsuka)
2-11. Sh.r-Y feat. Kukkoro Setsu - 蒼に泣く (Cry in the Blue)
2-12. NED feat. Keikai Broadcast CHERRY - 優等生だから駄々こねるけど可愛いから別にいいよね (An honor,spoiled,cute Girl)
2-13. ARAI feat. Mikagami Yuu - 頬杖にロックチューン (Rock Tune for The Gloomy)
2-14. MischiefEve feat. Serena Mizumiya - しつれんのにんぎょ (Mermaid of broken heart)
2-15. Sototogisu feat. Hakono Nakami - ときめきアフターレイン (Tokimeki After Rain)
2-16. Yui Yazaki feat. Chigusa Hayanagi - Uncertainties (Uncertainties)
2-17. Amanene feat. Thuyuki Mau - つむぎ糸 (Spinning Thread)

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Scheduled to be Shipped: Estimated after April 2024.

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