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[20240201 - 20240229] "V-Oridora" VTuber Compilation Album "The 6th Virtual Talent Original Songs Draft" [CD]

SKU: v-oridora-202402-g02


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1-01. kurodel feat. Yuudutsu Tear - 星空シンフォニー (Starry sky symphony)
1-02. T-J feat. Neko Maguro - お昼寝スポットライト (Ohirune Spotlight)
1-03. rukawa feat. Chigusa Hayanagi - My new way (My new way)
1-04. Suigetsu Machne feat. Hoheto Irohani - カラフルと潜望鏡 (Colorful And Periscope)
1-05. Usagino Shaun feat. Pome Shirono - White Stella (White Stella)
1-06. G-END feat. Itsuki Tsukasa - TailWind (TailWind)
1-07. Muramii feat. Yuduki Rai - ラピスラズリに身を預け (Entrust yourself to Lapis Lazuli)
1-08. Sakura Hidemaru feat. Yuuyu Uyu - ぴぽぱぽぱれっと! (PiPoPaPoPalette)
1-09. Yazaki Yui feat. Kisame Tanaka - Hight Set (Hight Set)
1-10. Inugami Yuki feat. Rikuri - あなたのことがずっと…… (I miss you)

2-01. Sataku feat. Utayo Pome - 反旗 (Hanki)
2-02. Lumi feat. Meguru tokoyo - 狂愛聖書 (Bible of crazy)
2-03. Eternal JK Yoripi-chan feat. LuckyAurora - Poppin' Pumpin' Streaming (Poppin' Pumpin' Streaming)
2-04. Karametech feat. Myamo - ネオンテトラがそらをうめてく (Neon tetras fill the sky)
2-05. Yu.l!ta feat. Koi Kurone - Azureclat (Azureclat)
2-06. NED feat. Sazanami Serena - 常夏の世界から漣の愛を届けて (Sazanami Wonderland Love)
2-07. MimicXrow a.k.a. M-XROW feat. Toma Kukimaru - 爆音刑法 (Roaring criminal law)
2-08. denkibeat feat. Nov Asui - neonbreak ~碧のソリチュード~ (neonbreak -Solitude of blue-)
2-09. Tsukamoto Moku feat. Saya Fujiwara - 菖蒲トワリング (Iris Twirling)
2-10. ればん feat. Hakono Nakami - Endless∞Fanfare! (Endless∞Fanfare!)

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Scheduled to be Shipped: Estimated after April 2024.

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