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[20240207 - ] "Gatebox" Digital Figure Box

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《Item Description》
Price: JPY 7,700 (Shipping fee not included)
Order Period: From February 7, 2024 (JST)
Scheduled to be Shipped: Inventory Sale

"Your avatar as a digital figure"

Digital Figure Box is a special display developed to display digital figures in your room.
When combined with a dedicated application, you can display your avatar (VRM model) as a figure! 🥳.

Official website:

A new experience to display digital figures in your room
Unlike traditional physical figures, digital figures are digital 3DCG models of characters that can be posed and moved as desired.

As 3DCG models of characters become more popular due to the popularity of VTuber and Metaverse, a culture is emerging in which 3DCG models are sold and viewed as digital figures.

Digital figures have the appeal of being able to change their poses and movements freely, but they require a smartphone or XR device to launch a dedicated application each time they are viewed, so they cannot be placed in a room at all times and viewed casually like physical figures.

So, we had wanted to enjoy displaying digital figures in the room just like physical figures! We started to develope a digital figure box with this idea in mind.

The figure box design creates a realistic impression of the characters
The most distinctive feature of the digital figure box is the figure box-shaped package design.

This new way of expression, "displaying a digital figure inside a figure box," creates a realistic impression that the character is alive inside the box, and further enhances the appeal of the character!

Easy-to-use kit to display with a smartphone set
The Digital Figure Box was developed as a kit to be used by placing a smartphone inside the assembled box, making it affordable for everyone.

Simply set the smartphone displaying the character into the "Inner box" and wrap it in the "Outer box" for easy use.

You can realize a life with digital figures by using an old smartphone that you do not use on a regular basis or a used, inexpensive smartphone as a dedicated digital figure box!

The magic app to turn your avatar into a digital figure
With the Digital Figure Box dedicated app, you can turn your avatar (VRM model) into a figure and display it attractively.

Anyone can easily add movements and poses to their VRM models and display them simply by uploading them to the app. This is recommended for VRSNS users, VTubers, and 3DCG creators who use avatars on a regular basis.

With this app and the digital figure box, you can display your avatar as a digital figure in your room, display it at events to show off, and make your avatar life more fun!

・Kit Details
Inner box
Outer box
Parts (for fixing a smartphone)

■How to use
(1) Use the smartphone application to display your avatar
(2) Set and secure your phone in the inner box
(3) Wrap it in the outer box

You can use it right away by doing just this.

■Supported devices
Device size: 78 mm or less in width, 165 mm or less in height, and 12 mm or less in depth (including the camera)
Display area: 58 mm or more in width and 120 mm or more in height

Although we have designed the device to be compatible with general ones, there is a possibility that small devices such as Rakuten Hands or foldable devices such as Galaxy Fold may not fit well.
Please note this in advance.

■About charging
When charging is necessary, you can plug your charging cable into your smartphone and charge it through the cable through the hole in the back of outer box.

・Details of the official application
■App DL
Download from Google Play

■Updated history
2024/2/15 V1.1.1

Default motions have been added.
The motion of the popular cat meme has been added.

■Supported OS
Android (Android 10 or higher)

■Main functions
 VRM model loading
 Selecting facial expressions and poses
 Background image selection and loading

 VRM1.0 is not supported. Please use VRM0.x models.

*We are currently working on the support for iOS. Please prepare your Android device if you wish to use it immediately.

Operated by: Gatebox, Inc.
Gatebox is a venture company with the vision of "Living with Characters" and is working to realize a world where people can live with characters.

Official website:

■How to install APK:
1, Open Settings: From the home screen of your Android device, open the "Settings" app.

2, Check Security Settings: Navigate to the "Security" or "Security and Privacy" section and verify the security settings.

3, Allow Installation from Unknown Sources: Check for an option like "Install from unknown sources" or "Install from unknown apps" and enable it.

4, Download the APK File: Download the APK file using a web browser.

5, Open the Downloaded APK File: Once the download is complete, tap the notification or use a file manager app to open the downloaded APK file.

6, Select Install: Upon opening the APK file, you should see an "Install" button. Tap it to start the installation.

7, Grant Permissions: During the installation, you may need to agree to the permissions required by the app. Follow the on-screen instructions to do so.

8, Installation Completed: Once the installation is complete, you will see a "Done" or "Open" button. This indicates that the app has been successfully installed.

*Note: The location of settings may vary depending on the Android OS version or custom OS (such as OPPO's ColorOS or Samsung's OneUI).

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Scheduled to be Shipped: Inventory Sale

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