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[20191112 - ] Inuyama Tamaki 1st anniversary Special Voice Full Set(no gift)

SKU: tamaki-02

High capacity voice set that the total play time is 20 minutes x 2 patterns (with / without sound effect)

1-1.To themaster who supported me for one year…(with sound effect)
1-2.To themaster who supported me for one year…(without sound effect)
2-1.Do you want to go out with me?(with sound effect)
2-2.Do you want to go out with me?(without sound effect)
3-1.Let me feed you…♪(with sound effect)
3-2.Let me feed you…♪(without sound effect)
4-1.let's sleep together ASMR(with sound effect)
4-2.let's sleep together ASMR(without sound effect)

*After the order is successfully placed, you can download the sound on the order success page and the order history page in your mypage.
*It is not recommended to use QQ mail address during user registration and shopping.

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