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[20210807 - 20210913] [Made to order/Replicative] "Shiranui Flare 2nd Anniversary commemorative" Full set

SKU: cover-flare-202108-s02


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※The price of the physical items in this pack is 11,500yen.

《Item Description》
♦Shiranui Flare 2nd anniversary voice and goods full set.

Price: JPY 15,500(Shipping fee not included)
Order Period: August 7 to September 13, 18:00(JST)
Scheduled to be shipped: Mid November 2021~ Mid January 2022

《Set Contents》
◇Commemorative goods
・B2 size tapestry
・BIG Glasses holder acrylic stand
 Size:Approx. H400mm × W290mm
 Size:Approx. H130mm × W90mm × D90mm
 Material: Polypropylene Thermoplastic Elastomer Silicone Rubber
 Heat resistant temperature: 150 ℃
 Cold resistant temperature: -40 ℃

◇Commemorative Voice set
・Situation voice [I want to tell you...message for welcoming 2nd anniversary]
・Situation voice [Encouragement when you depressed]
・Situation voice [For those who enjoy strange stuff<the words that make you feel life is hard>]
・Situation voice [For those who really want to be praised <Full positive compliment> ]

Illustration by lack-sensei postcard with Shiranui Flare foil stamped duplicate autograph.

* Please note that the orders may be closed as soon as the specified production quantity is reached.

*After the order is successfully placed, you can download the sound on the order success page and the order history page in your mypage.
*If you combine your order with other products, your order will be shipped once all of the products have arrived.
*Due to the COVID-19 crisis, EMS Japan has suspended parcel delivery to the USA, Australia, Canada and etc.
We will use ECMS to send the products for customers living in the United States and Australia.
Orders by customers living on other countries where EMS delivery has been temporarily suspended will be remain at the warehouse until EMS resumes.
Thank you for your understanding.
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Scheduled to be shipped: Mid November 2021~ Mid January 2022

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