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[20210826 - ]"My loving dog Chachamaru" Binaural recording / Blowing on your ears by twin maids🎀🎀

SKU: marble-chachamaru-202108-01


《Item Description》
Price: JPY 1,000

Recorded with binaural recording. The sound quality is emphasized.
The twin maids blowing on your ears from both sides.
Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time...💕

・Blowing on your ears by twin maids🎀🎀
 Duration: 04:35

Welcome back, my master.
What would you like today?
...The ears blowing?
As you wish.

Hoo~hoo~ around the ears
Hoo~hoo~ from back
Short hoo~hoo~hoo~
Slowly long hoo~hoo~

How did you feel?
Waiting for you comback next time, master.

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