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"Ayunda Risu’s Birthday 2021" Voice complete pack

SKU: cover-risu-202101-s03

《Item Description》
Complete pack of commemorative voices.
Price:2,500 yen

《Pack contents》
◇ Commemorative voice all kinds pack
・"Ayunda Risu’s Birthday 2021" Bedtime Story Voice “Ayunda’s Story” (English) "
・"Ayunda Risu’s Birthday 2021" Voice "Situation Voice “Failed Love Potion” (Indonesian) "
・"Ayunda Risu’s Birthday 2021" Situation Voice “Magic lesson: Risu became two persons?” (Japanese) "
・"Ayunda Risu’s Birthday 2021" Short Voice Collection "

The following BONUS are included when you purchase this pack.
★BONUS:Voice script data (Indonesian translation & Japanese & English)
* The BONUS of “Voice & goods pack” is not included in this "Voice complete pack".

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